Amish’s Photo Portfolio


Drawn to wildlife conservation from childhood, I grew up reading about and watching wildlife specials.  I was always inspired by the endless variety and intrigue of nature.  The beauty of our world is bound only by our desires to discover it.

Over the years, I have had the drive and fortune to travel around the world taking pictures of my travels and adventures.  I share my perspective with you in hopes that you will also be a steward of our world and share your passion to explore it.

May you find inspiration to take flight with your dreams, raise your ambitions, expand your horizons, get on the road and explore your world.

- Amish


To thyself be true

From left to right: Enlightenment, taken in Exmouth, Western Australia; leopard napping after a feast in  Western Serengeti, Tanzania; inside a hot air balloon during a ride at dawn in Napa Valley, CA; hitchhiking on a coastal road on South Island, New Zealand